Bluemoon Creations

This was a freelanced project for a client that works with a few different mediums from hydro dipping items and making shirts. The intention was to use hydro dipping as the main focus of the logo.


The logo is intended two have 2 options for different surfaces.


The only element that does change is the text color to continue the consistency of the logo.

AL Industries Video

This project is an animated video of creating a robot in a manufacturing laboratory and includes secondary animations throughout the video.


The project was illustrated in Adobe Illustrator and pieced together into a video on Adobe after effects.


A variety of unique elements were put into the design and meant to simulate the process of putting together a robot.

Cherrybomb Fireworks

This design was originally just a logo project, but I decided to create a motion graphic that would be tied with it. Combining both my logo design and motion graphic abilities.


Originally, this project was a logo created for a class project, but I decided to expand the method of that logo and make it into a motion graphic that created an entertaining visual.


I decided to add fun elements like the bouncing object, but also added an explosion that firecrackers might make and the residual smoke that would be left behind. All done to give the interpretation that it is a firework explosion.

Fresno State Art Gallery Poster Project

This project was creating a Fresno State art show poster using the guidelines given and choosing the style related to a given design style.


The instruction for this project was to create a Fresno State Gallery poster with a chosen topic. I decided to choose a conceptual project and create a poster that played on the idea of an art show, so I made a poster of a TV showing the an for the Art Show to play on the “show” aspect of it. Also, since I used an old TV concept I decided to give the screen a version of old school TV animations.

Book Cover Project

This project was to create following the guidelines of choosing a setting (post-apocalyptic) and the historic design writing style that would be implemented into our design.


This project was created for the idea of creating a book cover using elements from historic design text which I chose Egyptian hieroglyphs and use them into the characters personas. Also, we had guidelines on style and setting and I got post-apocalyptic worlds where these 3 Scribes are bringing out the written language.